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Designing for the Spoken Web

+ Language: English

A look at the future of the user interface and the birth of the spoken web. This topic will look beyond glass rectangles and explore interaction design for voice-based applications.

The Spoken Web is a topic that Derrick has been researching and developing for over 10 years as a vision for the future of how people would interact with products and services through voice.
In this talk, he will share insights and case studies from voice-based applications developed over the years and also explore how TRT World is looking to build voice into its digital products.

Key Takeaways

– An understanding of the “Spoken Web” and the evolution and role of voice in digital products
– Tools and techniques for designing voice-based interactions.
– Case studies and real world lessons learned from developing voice applications in the US, Africa, and Turkey.

Who is Derrick Fountain

Derrick Fountain is a global digital product leader with over 15 years experience leading the development and launch of new and innovative products in the US, Middle East and Turkey. He started researching and developing voice-based “spoken web” products 10 years ago. In his current role, he is the Head of Digital Products at TRT World, a new international English language news channel based in Istanbul. He is also the founder of Eagle Falcon Shirtmakers and co-founder of location-based app development agency Howlak Technologies.


About the organizer

UXservices is a specialized user research and user experience design consulting firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey. UXservices has a global reach to latest UX and usability know-how thanks to its active role in international organizations like UXPA, UX Fellows and IAI. UXservices has credentials and experience in a wide variety of interface platforms at different industries including telco, banking, finance, retail and more.


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