7th International

Virtual UXistanbul Conference

April 6-7-8, 2021

%100 Virtual

3 Days

15 Speakers

1 Panel

5 Workshops

Simultaneous Translation

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Going Virtual

Due to COVID 19 measures, -instead of not doing it- we redesigned the conference for the virtual context: UXistanbul 2021 will be %100 virtual and last three days.

Other than that, here some news:

Please welcome, new Keynote: Laith Ulaby from Patreon!

Announcing, new Keynote: Erico Fileno from Visa!

Strategy and Research

It sometimes gets tricky to strategize a service or a product, and even more difficult to align the research with the objectives, right? So how to move around variables like timing, focus, targets, team, or pandemic!

Thankfully, we have people on board to share their visions and experiences on the first day. Like; Kate Towsey, Antti Kujala, Mileha Soneji, Laith Ulaby, and Saswati Saha Mitra.

Design and Innovation

Even though innovation and design are kind of built-in features for humankind, we still may have issues while implementing those skills. How to benefit new technologies, find better approaches, understand metrics, create a culture…

Luckily, we have people ready for sharing who won’t let us feel alone on the second day. Like; Clive Grinyer, Rahul Lindberg Sen, Patrizia Bertini, Erico Fileno.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions

Yes, muscle force is essential. In multiple domains, in multiple ways.
How to employ tools, approaches, skills, people around the objectives?

Fortunately, we people here feeling ready to discuss and share the ways that they use.

Get to Know Speakers

The line-up is extending. There will be more speakers, soon.

Antti Kujala

Head of User Experience

Besim Kosova

Experience Design Head, Partner

Clive Grinyer

Head of Service Design

Erico Fileno

Head of Innovation & Design

Kate Towsey

Research Operations Manager

Laith Ulaby

Director of User Research

Leah Reich

Staff User Researcher

Mileha Soneji

Independent Keynote Speaker

Nazlican Göksu

Design Lead

Patrizia Bertini

International DesignOps Lead

Pinar Cinali

CBAP®, Partner

Rahul Lindberg Sen

Head of UX (Open Innovation Area)

Saswati Saha Mitra

Group Research Leader

Tyler King

Design Lead

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Excited to be at UXistanbul today to hear some new perspectives and eventually share my own! #alwaysbelearning

Martin ErikssonBest-Selling Author, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board @MTP

Really enjoyed time at UXistanbul. Meeting so many great UX people.

Cory LebsonUX Research & Strategy Consultant, Former President UXPA


Is the event fully virtual?

Yes, 100% virtual. So you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Will there be a translation facility?

Yes. Simultaneous translation between Turkish and English available on Keynote and Speaking sessions (but, not Workshops).

Which online tools are to be used?

There will be various of tools to be employed like Whova, Zoom, Miro, Mural, etc. So, it’s a good idea to make a compatibility check.

Can I attend with a mobile device?

For Keynote and Speaker sessions, definitely OK. But if you’re going to attend Workshops as well, a desktop or laptop Mac or PC is needed.

Will I be able to access sessions, after the event?

Mostly, yes. Keynote and Speaking sessions are to be recorded and will be available via Whova for 3 months. But bear in mind that a small number of speaker’s company policies may prevent that to happen. We will highlight such cases in event schedule.

Can I attend with my team?

You are “all” welcome.

I'm an undergraduate student and can't effort the ticket. What should I do?

Keep an eye on our Social Media accounts. There will be “some” opportunities for you. 😉

About the organizer

UXservices is a specialized user research and user experience design consulting firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey. UXservices has a global reach to latest UX and usability know-how thanks to its active role in international organizations like UXPA, UX Fellows and IAI. UXservices has credentials and experience in a wide variety of interface platforms at different industries including telco, banking, finance, retail and more.


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