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Keynote Speaker / 2021

Eva Deckers

Director Data Enabled Design

"Designing for Evolving Experiences"

In this presentation Eva will reflect on how for designers will deliver value in a changing environment. Especially in a networked reality that will allow us to deliver far more personalized and precise solutions to our users. Which in healthcare domain, Eva is active in, is highly needed to transform care delivery and ensure it remains accessible and affordable.

Next to a strategic outline, Eva will explain through exciting use cases how Philips Experience Design develops capabilities and solutions to deliver to this promise.

What you can take away from this presentation:

  • Strategic framework to understand how value is delivered now and in the future to our customers
  • Concrete handles on how to build design capability to deliver to the promise of personalized solutions
  • Inspirational Data Enabled Design use cases in the healthcare area

Meet Eva

Eva leads the Data Enabled Design team at Philips Experience Design.

With her team she is at the cutting edge of what design can do. The team uses data as part of the design process and builds meaningful propositions that encompass data and artificial intelligence. As part of the global Data and AI Center of Excellence she takes ownership of the Experience workstream delivering enablers for businesses across Philips.

In her current role, Eva translates findings of her PhD research in which she portrays a design perspective towards artificial intelligence to the health technology context that Philips operates in. As design strategist, she supports the Philips Experience Design organization in shaping and implementing their strategy. She is responsible for a successful design thinking process that helps businesses to develop their customer driven strategy in the health technology context.

She is passionate about using the power of design, data and AI to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of people.


Everything changes, right. And we are all experiencing an accelerated version of this, recently. So, how can experience designers embrace that, and keep on delivering value?

Thankfully we’ll have Director Data Enabled Design of Philips, Eva Deckers to bring real-life inspirations especially the healthcare industry which is quite challenging, on the first day of UXistanbul 2021


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