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Indi Young

Author, Trainer, Founding Partner @Adaptive Path

Keynote: Listening Deeply: Supporting a Variety of Thinking Style

Orgs & teams are often stuck making incremental improvements to user experience, without a longer plan or strategy. Listening Deeply can create a strategic opportunity skyline, upon which you layer other data, measurements, and thinking styles. The visual result provides a decades-long foundation that many teams can use to guide their direction, and to support broader variety of cognitive approaches. It gives orgs a way to pay attention to people and to their environment in a way that is of value to them and also benefits the org.

Meet Indi Young

Indi is a market strategist who uses purpose focused qualitative data science. She created a method over a 30 year span and teaches that method In courses, coaching, workshops, books, talks, and through working with teams on research, research studies, she was one of the founders of adaptive path. And we had Peter Merholz on recently, and pioneered opportunity maps, mental model diagrams of people’s approach to purpose aligned with the support a solution provides or doesn’t.


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