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Jennifer Bedell

Senior Business Analyst
@Mariner Innovations

Keynote: Stakeholder Engagement in a global environment: Keeping them off Facebook and in your meeting

When you receive an invitation to a virtual meeting, do you think “woohoo!  An hour to clean out my inbox”?  Or do you expect to accomplish something?  In this session, learn how to convert your remote stakeholders into active participants.  Ideally, we would have an unlimited budget for travel and sticky notes.  Without that, we need to be creative in how we keep our stakeholders interested when they also have day jobs.

Key learning objectives:  Preparing for a productive virtual meeting – Tips to encourage participation – Engagement outside of scheduled meetings

Benefits for attendees:  Participants will learn how to keep Stakeholders engaged by taking less of their time.

– Discover tips for preparing and scheduling a virtual stakeholder meeting

– Learn how to ensure participants are ‘all in’ during the meeting

– Identify techniques to keep the two-way communication flowing outside of those scheduled meetings

Meet Jennifer Bedell

Jennifer has presented internationally at several conferences in person and virtually with topics related to business analysis, change management, and work-life balance. Her goal is to inspire others to be the positive influence in their projects by sharing her experiences.

Jennifer loves to look at the world through multiple perspectives. This may be why she was selected as the SME for a system replacement project back when she was a disability claims adjudicator. That project led her to roles in Quality, Business Analysis, Change Management and everything in between. She is currently leading a team of Business Analysis consultants within Mariner Innovations and is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Outside of work, Jenn loves to spend time with her family and her cocker spaniel, Oscar. She practices yoga regularly and recently learned to play piano.


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