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Keynote Speaker / 2021

Kate Towsey

Research Operations Manager

"Research Ops War Stories & Triumphs"

Research leaders across the world are embracing Research Operations to help them deliver practices that are efficient, ethical, scalable and impactful. And they’re investing time and energy in building Research Operations teams to look after this work. But exactly how can Operations help turbocharge a research practice?

Over the past two years, Kate Towsey has built a global Research Operations team for Atlassian.

In this talk, she’ll share war stories and triumphs, realities and reminisces and how Ops has helped amplify research efficiency and impact along the way.

Meet Kate

My name is Kate Towsey. Since 2012, I’ve specialised in consulting on Research Operations for large organisations. A significant contributor to the emerging practice of Research Ops, I started the ResearchOps Community in 2018 and instigated the #WhatisResearchOps initiative, a global movement that put Research Ops on the map. That same year, I moved from England to Sydney, Australia, where I’ve built and now manage a global team delivering Research Operations for Atlassian.

In 2019, having learned the value of focused and slow-growing, I founded an invite-only community for people delivering Research Operations globally. It’s small. It’s manageable. There is power in tiny. It’s called the Cha Cha Club.

I run workshops on Research Ops strategy around the world and collaborate with Rosenfeld Media and other interesting partners in growing and shaping the practice.

I coach newbies to Research Ops and consult for large organisations on topics including operational strategy, research labs, participant recruitment services, data governance, knowledge management, research communications and more.

I’m a regular guest on podcasts and speaker at conferences. I’m currently writing Research at Scale: The Research Operations Handbook, which is due to be published by Rosenfeld Media in 2022.


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