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Keynote Speaker / 2021

Laith Ulaby

Director of UX Research

"UX Research Insights and the Nutrient Gradient"

In the natural world, living organisms grow toward sources of nutrients and can cause a massive proliferation of well fed organisms like an algae bloom. These blooms can grow so rapidly that they can kill all other life forms by devouring the entire oxygen in an area – eventually starving and dying because they have feasted on all of the nutrients.
This is a useful metaphor for how we can think about insights we use in product development as similar to nutrients. Rolling research, democratizing research, site intercepts, and many other approaches can really supercharge the design process and product thinking, but they have to be managed carefully.

 In this talk, we will explore:
  • What are the blockers to get out of our comfort zones and discover ways to produce new kinds of nutrient-rich insights?
  • How do we prevent new forms of insights from taking up all the oxygen in the system or over-harvesting a specific kind of insight to the point that it causes a collapse?
  • How do we think about insights more holistically across organizations (e.g. customer support, data science, market research) in such a way that we maintain the right balance in the ecosystem?

Meet Laith

Laith Ulaby is the Director of UX Research at Patreon. He previously worked for companies such as Udemy, Uber, Shyp, Google, and Answerlab, as well as in the public sector with fellowships at the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution and the United Nations’ Centre for Humanitarian Data.

With an academic background in ethnographic research, Ulaby has taught at UCLA, Georgetown University, the UC Berkeley Extension, and the UC Berkeley School of Information.


Ever thought about nutrition, living organisms, balance; and how they might resemble the design process and product thinking?

Yes, neither we did before. 🙂

A mighty metaphor and also a very interesting perspective around by Patreon’s UX Research Director Laith Ulaby! He’ll be with us, on the second day of UXistanbul 2021.

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