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2021 / Keynote Speakers

Mileha Soneji

Independent Keynote Speaker

"Stimulate your organization’s UX driven journey"

Having worked in the UX industry for about 8 years, Mileha has worked in different companies that were at different levels of embedding UX within their organization. From being in a technology driven company where the user was always forgotten to companies that were far ahead in the process of being more user-centered, she shares her experiences so as to help others on this UX-driven journey.

Mileha believes that simplicity and human centered design can change this world and so through this talk she brings forth some UX models along with concrete examples to change the mindset of the organization.

Meet Mileha

Mileha Soneji, a renowned TED Speaker, believes that having empathy and being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes is what makes for great Human Centered Design. Originally hailing from the city of Pune in India, Mileha is currently a Senior User eXperience Manager in the Netherlands.

Her work entails combining the fuzzy front-end of the design process with emerging technologies to answer the question of what needs to be designed to provide value to users now and in the future.

Even as a child, Mileha had a keen interest in (re)designing things around her and she pursues to have an inclusive approach to all her projects & in day-to-day life. You can view her TED talk with more than 1 million views here.


Designing experiences, products, services, journeys for users, customers.. Pretty much day-to-day work for all of us with a mindset of human-centered simplicity, right?

Renowned TED, currently independent Keynote Speaker Mileha Soneji believes that this very mindset can also change the world. So that she’ll be bringing UX models and practices that can change the mindset of any organization, on the first day of UXistanbul 2021.

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