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Designing a Boundary Object Between Experts and Laymen in Finance and Investment

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A Digital Financial Advice Tool for Turkey Pension and Saving System for well informed and smart investment decisions

I asked what the digital tool is for investors in order to give smart and well-informed investment decisions in Turkey Pension Savings and Investment System. My main hypothesis is that “The Digital Financial Advice Tool” that I will create and implement will act as a boundary object between experts and laymen for investment management in financial services particularly for Turkey Pension Investment and Saving System.
Digital and mobile technologies is becoming a vital part of our daily life and everyone is demanding clean, simple digital interfaces in order to ease and empower their life. The biggest trend in financial technologies today is centered on improving customer experiences. Interest in designing customer experience in the perspective of scientific knowledge production lead me to ask my research question.
Even in an environment of rapid change to the design, core needs for financial services and solutions remain same. Fatefully, this rapid change interacts with the innovation for realizing and satisfying financial needs. My focus lies under investment management as a core function together with empowered investors as an innovation cluster. Social trading, automated advice & wealth management, retail algorithmic trading and robo-advisors are the main insights for empowered investors.
Financial and political crisis occurred periodically and clients have bad investment experiences. Number of investors has been declining in many asset classes even the markets recovered. Investors lost their trust to investment products providers and weren’t satisfied with their investment returns. Clients don’t feel comfortable in making investments decisions. They expect from their financial institutions to help them in this hard decision making process by understanding their financial needs. In addition, current low rate market conditions and global recession expectations push the clients to look for new investment alternatives and strategies.
“Digital Financial Advisor” is my solution which will empower investors to give well informed and smart investment decisions in a few minutes without being an expert in finance. They will have tailor made advice depending on their investor behaviors, personal finance issues, financial planning concepts and investor psychologies. This is an innovative online web based advice service together with its powerful mobile application in order to provide benefits of diversification and advantages of professional asset management. This digital tool will assist investors to distribute their savings in an efficient way, starting from an accurate diagnosis of their financial status and supporting them in setting their goals.
I will create a new boundary object not only for scientific community but also for the society. “The Digital Financial Advice Tool” as a boundary object for finance and investment will connect scholars, scientist, researchers and experts of other disciplines with finance and investment discipline together with the society. My main principle is the simplicity and main concern is the user experience for creating a digital transparent easy boundary object for everyone.

Who is Onur Yurtsever

I had graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration. I completed a MA in Capital Markets at Marmara University and MS in Finance and Investment at University of Exeter in UK. I study PhD in Design, Technology and Society at Özyeğin University.
I have 15 years of experience in banking and finance industry including 2 years in Amsterdam. I had several responsibilities particularly in investment banking, private banking, asset management and capital markets. I worked at Garanti Bank, Garanti Bank International, Fibabank, Yapıkredi Bank, Industrial Development Bank of Turkey, Finans Invest and ING Bank.
I completed my career in banking and finance industry as a Head of Sales and Marketing at ING Asset Management. I am interested in financial technologies and work at Tradesoft Business Services which is a market leader in brokerage service technologies.

About the organizer

UXservices is a specialized user research and user experience design consulting firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey. UXservices has a global reach to latest UX and usability know-how thanks to its active role in international organizations like UXPA, UX Fellows and IAI. UXservices has credentials and experience in a wide variety of interface platforms at different industries including telco, banking, finance, retail and more.


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