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2021 / Keynote Speakers

Patrizia Bertini

International DesignOps Lead

"DesignOps and the design of efficient teams: the metrics and the processes that matter"

How efficient is your design team?

Do you know which are the most time consuming tasks for your team? And how are you measuring your team’s efficiency?

As Design teams grow both in size and scope, it is important to ensure that the operation is seamless operation and the ways of working can empower designers to work and collaborate easily. Yet today, in many teams, there are a number of invisible and hidden inefficiencies.

Understanding those inefficiencies, quantifying their impact, and identifying the biggest opportunities for the teams and the business is what DesignOps does, and these are the topics of this presentation.

Because efficient teams do not happen. They are Designed.

Meet Patrizia

Patrizia is the International DesignOps Lead at Tide where she is responsible for both research and design operations across globally distributed teams: she plays a key role in harmonizing processes and tools, increasing efficiencies, and building a OneTeam mentality across all teams.

Patrizia has developed her approach to design and DesignOps through 20 years of international experience in usability, accessibility, web design, design management and user research. With a background in academic and industrial research leading international teams, Patrizia has been known for her pioneering work in web accessibility, design facilitation with LEGO Serious Play, and co-creation.


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