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Pavithra Aravindan

Pavithra Aravindan

UX Designer @ Amazon

Keynote: Crafting Empowering Support Experiences at Amazon

This talk offers a deep dive into the synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and Customer Experience Outcomes (CXOs) for professionals in diverse fields such as design, technology, and strategy. This presentation will showcase the practical application of these technologies in enhancing service delivery, emphasizing the humane and empathetic execution of data-driven innovations in a global context. Highlighting a case study from Amazon’s Support community, attendees will learn about the strategic implementation of Large Language Models and CXO development, informed by global research including insights from Costa Rica and India. The session promises key takeaways on improving support tools across all stages of interaction, showcasing real-world impacts and future trends in customer service innovation, inspired by a model of continuous improvement and customer-centricity.

Meet Pavithra Aravindan

Pavithra Aravindan’s path from her early love for art in India to a UX Designer at Amazon in the US highlights her dedication to design and innovation. At Texas A&M University, she dove into Game Design and Animation, focusing on creating impactful user experiences. Her projects, including a haptic device for children with Autism, showcase her commitment to accessible design. Pavithra’s expertise now benefits Amazon Sellers, enhancing their Support experiences. Beyond work, she explores her culinary passions through a food blog, sharing her journey and recipes.


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