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2021 / Keynote Speakers

Saswati Saha Mitra

Group Research Leader

"A Year’s Learnings From Supporting the World’s Communication Needs
During a Global Pandemic"

In January 2020, I was excited to start to join WhatsApp to support one of the world’s most used technology products. Little did I know that in exactly 5 weeks, COVID-19 will hit the world and the way we research in emerging markets will become untenable.

In this keynote, we will look at the key decisions we took as a leadership team to support our teams, partners and users in how we research in these physically and ethically challenging times. We will touch upon:

  • How to rapidly shift the mindset of a team from in person research to remote research,
  • Developing a responsible research framework to access critical and vulnerable populations for research
  • The state of UX research tools and how they succeeded or failed to support users in emerging markets
  • Research contingency measures every large organisation needs to build, so that we are not caught by surprise in the future.

The key takeaways from this talk will help attendees focus on how to build research resilience in teams in uncertain times, the need to think about business continuity as UX Research becomes integral to the day to day functioning of the business and the opportunities we have in improving the ways of meeting users wherever they are in the world, whether it is the most affected region in Italy or the most rural, remote areas of India.

Meet Saswati

Saswati Saha Mitra is a Group Research Leader at WhatsApp. Her team is responsible for keeping users safe on the world’s most used messaging app, designing the future of product policies and enabling business and user connection seamlessly.

Saswati’s passion for international product development results from conducting research in 35+ countries for some of the world’s most innovative companies – Uber, Google, Vodafone, Intel, Nokia and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Outside of work, Saswati supports children of migrant backgrounds for Family Action, shares her experience on Medium and reviews books on Instagram.


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