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Vaida Pakulyte

Vaida Pakulyte

UX Lead & Coach @ Technigo

Keynote: Building Products that Resonate: A Dive into UX Psychology and Neuroscience

What if you could design solutions that steer individuals towards choices that benefit them, society, and the environment? Imagine having the ability to influence positive behaviour change effortlessly and ethically. It is possible. In this session, Vaida will introduce us to behavioural design, walk through practical applications of psychology principles, nudging techniques and how to impact decision choices by applying psychology principles.

Meet Vaida Pakulyte

Vaida Pakulyte is a UX researcher and designer. She is currently working as UX Lead at Technigo and coaching UX Designers entering the field.  She has previously worked in IOT, Fintech, E-commerce and believes that products and services must add value to people’s lives and society.  Creating an intuitive and user-focused product or service is easier said than done, but aiming towards that and contributing to user wellbeing is what motivates her daily design decisions. Vaida is also passionate about personal leadership and making unique perspectives visible through mentoring in the design field.


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