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UXistanbul turns into a Platform in its 8th year!

We will have a festival-like conference experience with a Platform that will stay alive for 2 weeks in 11-22 April 2022. With participants from different cities of the world and content accessible at any time, we will remove the limits of time and space.


On a special Platform designed for UXistanbul, participants will be able to access content in different formats at any time for 2 weeks. Masterclasses from subject experts, interviews with design leaders, enjoyable programs on UXtube… will be waiting on the UXistanbul Platform.

Live Broadcasts

Of course, we will not always be apart, there will be live broadcasts during these 2 weeks. We will host experience design leaders from the world’s leading companies, listen to them live and ask our questions. Some of our precious keynotes are already in place!


As this year’s theme, we’ll be questioning whether we can go beyond human-centered design by covering topics such as Human Centricity, AI & Ethics, People & Planet, Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Design Research, Accessibility and more.

All other details to be announced very soon. Follow us and keep an eye on updates!


Since we started to organize UXistanbul Conference in 2015, there is a challenge that we have always considered: “How might we make the conference experience independent of space and time?”

This year we found a solution for that! As soon as you get your entrance ticket, you can start your conference experience thanks to the possibilities below:

First, you’ll be able to enter the UX Metaverse, where you’ll find take-aways from previous conferences, learn UX best practices, meet with UX experts and more by connecting with your PC, mobile or VR glasses.

You can also jump into Discord channel where UX community gathers and start communicating with mentors from UXservices and all other participants.


Our main goal has always been to explore the most significant and trendy concepts of the time, inspire the attendees and transcend ourselves every year for 7 years. We hosted almost 150 respective speakers in total worldwide, from companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Apple, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, and more.

At UXistanbul 2022, UX leaders and managers of the world’s most important companies will continue to share their latest practices regarding their research, UX design and testing processes. For example, we will experience Netflix not on our TVs but on UXistanbul stage!


We think everyone working in UX field has exciting experiences to share with the community. In addition, we believe that conferences are fantastic mediums where participation not only means to listen but also to share.

You can create an article about your most exciting experiences and share them with thousands of UXistanbul participants, and if you wish, you can even turn this experience into an unforgettable memory with a presentation you will make to your colleagues from different cities of the world.


Learning is as important as being inspired at conferences. But it should be aligned with the pill-like practical learning tradition of conferences. In order to achieve this, we have designed short but powerful masterclass trainings for you with the world’s leading UX experts.

We think that the certificate you will get at the end of the conference is an important indicator of the knowledge gained from the world’s most important companies and subject matter experts.


The founders and teams of the world’s famous Metaverse projects will hold talks and panels on related topics such as DAO, Web 3.0, Blockchain, Avatars, Play-to-Earn Games and NFT.

User-Centered Experiences started to evolve into User-Owned Experiences with our new universe, Metaverse. We can say that this revolution in the field of “experience” affects and includes the UX community most. In these days when we are redefining “the user” and bringing online experiences to 3-dimension, we want to discuss all these topics with experts and the community to create the best experiences of the future.

Get to Know Speakers

More speakers will be announced!

Meet Speakers


Fonz Morris

Lead Product Designer @Netflix

Keynote: Growth Design: Where Design and Business Intersect


Bryan Jacquot

Google Cloud Engineering Leader @Google

Keynote: Role of Big Data, Analytics, and ML in User Experience


Kevin Philpott

Head of Product Design @Pie Insurance

Keynote: How to build an industry-leading UX department


Mihaela Draghici

Product Manager @Volkswagen Digital Solutions

Keynote: Innovating in Enterprise with Outcome Driven Product Development


Aldrich Huang

CEO & Co-founder of

Speech: Winning UX and Ethical design in a fast-changing landscape


Bilgi Karan

UX Manager @IKEA Home smart

Keynote: Beyond Shiny Screens: Tales of Inclusive Design from the world of smart homes

Mustafa Kurtuldu

Staff Product Designer @Twitter

Keynote: Hacking User Perception

Shantelle Liu

UX Designer @ Zoom

Keynote: UX Localization: Design for The Global Audience

Erbuğ Kaya

Intertech UX – UI Studio Manager @intertech

Masterclass: The Village in Sight Always Need a Guide

Tanju Öztürk

UX Manager @Hepsiburada

Masterclass: Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation

Ebru Namaldi

DesignOps Manager @Commencis

Masterclass: Designing the Designer Experience

Medet Can Gündüz

Community and Events Lead @Sketch

Masterclass: Staying in (a)sync: How Sketch’s remote and sustainable culture has thrived for over a decade

Meet Metaverse Speakers

Meltem Bayrak

Strategic Designer @UXservices

Openning Speech: What If Frida Kahlo was a Web 3.0 UX Designer: “Labyrinths without walls always win!”

Emrah Yayıcı

Managing Partner @UXservices

Openning Speech: What If Frida Kahlo was a Web 3.0 UX Designer: “Labyrinths without walls always win!”

Sercan Altundaş

Developer of Ready Player Me

Masterclass: Getting your product Metaverse-ready with Ready Player Me Avatars

Ian Mukherjee

Chief Technology Officer @Parcel

Keynote: Contextualizing the Metaverse

Dave Carr

Head of Business Development @Parcel

Keynote: Contextualizing the Metaverse

Sid Kalla

Co-founder and CTO @Roll

Keynote: Economic primitives of the Metaverse: DeFi, NFTs, and Social Tokens

Dirk Songür

Global Strategic Innovation, Metaverse @ Microsoft

Keynote: Approaching the Metaverse

Soojin Jeong

Metaverse & AI User Research Team Manager @Meta

Keynote: MetaVerse: A World of Endless Opportunities


Masterclass: Web 3.0 UX & Metaverse Design

Vince Kohli

Impact Tech Investor, Web3, Metaverse, DeFi and Future of Programmable Money. Global Impact Capitalist Trillion Global Capital, Exponential Mentor. StartUp Judge at MIT, Google and Stanford

To Be Announced

 Tickets & Registration


Keynotes, Speeches, Interviews, Masterclasses, and more.



Keynotes, Speeches, Interviews, Masterclasses, and more.



Keynotes, Speeches, Interviews, Masterclasses, and more.



Keynotes, Speeches, Interviews, Masterclasses, and more.


Meet Sponsors

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Excited to be at UXistanbul today to hear some new perspectives and eventually share my own! #alwaysbelearning

Martin ErikssonBest-Selling Author, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board @MTP

Really enjoyed time at UXistanbul. Meeting so many great UX people.

Cory LebsonUX Research & Strategy Consultant, Former President UXPA

About the organizer

UXservices is a specialized user research and user experience design consulting firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey. UXservices has a global reach to latest UX and usability know-how thanks to its active role in international organizations like UXPA, UX Fellows and IAI. UXservices has credentials and experience in a wide variety of interface platforms at different industries including telco, banking, finance, retail and more.


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